1. One of my AmeriCorps buddies had a big event this weekend, and 12 of us went to help her out! It was a water chestnut (an incredibly agressive and invasive aquatic plant) hand pull at Lake Musconetcong.

    A lovely day to be outside. We went out onto the lake in canoes and kayaks and physically pulled as much of the water chestnut out as we could. The poor lake is suffocating.

    Here are two pictures of half of us watershed ambassadors, and two friends in the front.

    Hopefully we gave that lake and all the animals living in it a little bit of a fighting chance, but water chestnut was not its only issue— there was also a ton of water milfoil and duckweed…. Sigh.

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  19. ironphenix said: this is wonderful. A great project! water chestnut milfol and duckweed are the pits. Thank you for helping clean the water ways.
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